Outreach Sessions

The European Youth Parliament in Germany (EJP) organises two to three-day-long German-speaking parliamentary simulations for schools from all over Germany. The events are suited to students from Year 9 onwards. The aim of these events is to sensitise as many students in all of Germany as possible for European political topics. Voluntary moderators from the EJP prepare complex political topics to make them accessible to the students, who then discuss them and develop their own solutions to the proposed political problems.

Usually the EJP coordinates with a number of schools and businesses within a given region to enable as many students from different school forms as possible to take part in our events. This type of event is especially tailored to students and trainees attending schools, that have not previously taken part in the National Selection Process.

Europa - Erleben und Lernen

"Europa für junge Menschen erlebbar machen und sie gleichzeitig auf den Arbeitsmarkt vorbereiten."

"Europa - Erleben und Lernen" ist eine gemeinsame Initiative des Europäischen Jugendparlaments in Deutschland e.V. und des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. Unter Beteiligung und Unterstützung mehrerer Industrie- und Handelskammern, Handwerkskammern, verschiedener Vereine, Verbände und Organisationen, sowie gesellschaftlich engagierter Unternehmen aus NRW, fördert diese die Auslandsmobilität von Auszubildenden und macht die Europäische Union für sie erleb- und erfahrbar.

Bei Fragen zur Initiative "Europa - erleben und Lernen" wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Geschäftsführerin Claudia Ardelean.

Weitere Informationen

Flyer Europa - Erleben und Lernen 2020

An der Initiative beteiligte Unternehmen ermöglichen Ihren Auszubildenden eine europäische Erfahrung in zwei Schritten:

1. Erleben

Auslandsaufenthalt in einem europäischen Tochter- oder Partnerunternehmen.

Die Auszubildenden erleben die Bedeutung der europäischen Zusammenarbeit hautnah.

2. Lernen

Teilnahme an einem Auszubildenden- und Schülerforum des Europäischen Jugendparlaments.

Die Auszubildenden vertiefen ihre Kenntnisse und ihr Interesse für europapolitische Themen und entwickeln aus ihren Erfahrungen im Ausland neue Ideen für die Zukunft Europas.

  • „Eine gemeinsame Zukunft in Europa entsteht nicht von selbst: Sie muss aktiv und ambitioniert generationenübergreifend geformt werden. Dabei sind Bildung und interkultureller Austausch von besonderer Bedeutung. Nur dann bleibt der Europäische Gedanke lebendig und wehrhaft.“

    - Europaminister Dr. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner

  • 1

You have fun to debate? You want to experience political processes closely? And you want to meet other motivated young Europeans?

Apply now individually or with friends as a school delegation and we trying to organise an event in your region!

What happens at these events?

Before the event begins all participants have the chance to prepare research on an exciting committee topic. The events themselves consist of three main elements: teambuilding, committee work, and the general assembly. There will also be enough time to get to know eachother better during and after committee work and the general assembly.


At the beginning of each event the delegates meet in their allocated groups, the committees, and engage in teambuilding to get to know eachother better. Guided by experienced chairpersons from our network the participants can overcome inhibitions, build trust, and create a team spirit. Additionally, joint consensus finding and problem solving are practiced and the participants are sensitised towards group dynamic processes.

Getting to Know Eachother Practicising Problemsolving

Committee Work

During committee work each committee develops a resolution on a current and controversial topic. During this the participants exchange their knowledge and arguments on their particular topic. The chairperson supports the committee in finding a compromise that all the members of the committee can agree on. Each participant contributes their own opinion and ideas to the resolution.

Exchanging Knowledge Analysing the Situation Working on Solutions

General Assembly

During the general assembly the delegates discuss the resolutions they produced during committee work according to parliamentary procedures. The participants present their positions to the assembly and contribute their thoughts on the other resolutions. Lastly, the participants vote on the results of the committee work.

Defending Resolutions Voting by the Delegates

Results of our Work

As an informal educational project for young people by young people our events focus on exchange between people. Thanks to the diverse committees including both apprentices and students rich discussion arise which allow new perspectives on pressing political topics.

Besides the debates many young people experience for the first time the feeling to be involved in the democratic decision-making process and to hold their own parliamentary speeches.

We offer apprentices and student also the opportunity to stay active within the European Youth Parliament. They can voluntarily engage in the organisation or take part in more than 600 events across the continent. We gladly offer advice for financial support; especially regarding our travel grant.


Generally, the programme is open to all types of schools. We want to particularly encourage apprentices and student from geographically remote regions to apply to our sessions. To the extent we can secure external funding no additional costs will arise for the hosting school. However, we depend on the support when it comes to the planning and execution of the event; especially regarding the availability of rooms. We gladly answer your questions during a meeting in person.

We work closely with companies who want to offer the apprentices the chance to take part in our events. Requests will be accepeted by our managing director Claudia Ardelean.

Currently, the project is supported by a donation of the Skala-Initiative.

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